Electrathon provides a jolt at Lime Rock Park

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The Inaugural 2011 TCNJ Electrathon Racing Vehicle

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The Inaugural 2011 TCNJ Electrathon Racing Vehicle
Dr. Norm Asper
Professor Emeritus
School of Engineering
The College of New Jersey
Ewing NJ, 08625

As Professor Emeritus, I not only continue teaching classes each semester but also continue to be involved in the most enjoyable part of the academic year – the Senior Design Project. For several years, on this web site, I have encouraged students to become involved with the Electrathon America competitive events. I see the goals and objectives of this competition fitting perfectly with the goals and objectives of our Technological Studies Department. With Electrathon’s emphasis on secondary education Math, Science, and Technology, I can see this activity becoming a major recruiting tool for the School of Engineering. I can also see the School of Engineering working with New Jersey secondary schools in helping them develop Electrathon Vehicles with the intent of establishing a TCNJ sponsored competitive event for the State of New Jersey. For the 2010/2011 academic year, three Mechanical Engineering seniors, and three Electrical/Computer Engineering seniors built the first TCNJ Electrathon Vehicle specifically for the Solar Class. This group competed successfully in the Connecticut Electrathon Challenge held at Lime Rock Park and sponsored by Central Connecticut State University and their Department of Technological Studies. Read the rest of this entry »

RHS students’ electric car cruises to third

From the Ridgefield Press

RHS students’ electric car cruises to third
By The Ridgefield Press
Saturday, 18 June 2011 06:14

With their home-built, battery-powered vehicle, Ridgefield High School’s electric car team cruised into third place in their division at the Connecticut Electrathon competition at Lime Rock Raceway Friday, June 3.

The team, coached by Ridgefield High School physics teacher, Wes Desantis, spent the last five months designing, fabricating, testing and modifying their vehicle with the help of Ridgefield High School materials science teacher, John Nessel. Read the rest of this entry »

High School Students Explore Future of Electric Cars

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High School Students Explore Future of Electric Cars
By Kathryn Boughton
November 6, 2009

SALISBURY — In January 2007 13 percent of Americans said they had never heard of global warming, according to an ACNeilsen poll of 46 countries. That figure may or may not have changed, but those Americans who had heard of global warming by 2009 are now choosing not to believe in it. A Pew Research report released last week said that 57 percent of Americans think there is solid evidence the world is getting warmer-but that figure is down 20 points from three years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

Electrathon Challenge Brings Purring Race Cars

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Electrathon Challenge brings purring race cars to Lime Rock Park Track
By Cynthia Hochswender
November 05, 2009

LIME ROCK — It was a pep rally, of sorts. Students from all over the state traveled to the race track at Lime Rock Park on Friday, Oct. 30, to take part in the autumn edition of the Connecticut Electrathon Challenge. Only 13 cars were entered this time; the big race is in spring, when about 35 of the peppy little electric cars whiz silently around the track.  Someone noted that, “If this is what the future is going to be like, it’s going to be awfully quiet.” Read the rest of this entry »

The “60 Minutes of Lime Rock”

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The “60 Minutes of Lime Rock”: Nathan Hale Ray High School Wins Electrathon
November 04, 2009

60 Minutes of Lime Rock

It’s not the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but it’s nearly as challenging… The team from Nathan Hale Ray High School in East Haddam, Conn., took the overall win in the Connecticut Electrathon race at Lime Rock Park October 30. Entered in the “Composite” category (fiberglass, wood or carbon-fiber monocoque chassis), the #X car completed 119 laps of Lime Rock’s 2/10-mile autocross test track in the allotted 1 hour, for a total of 23.8 miles. Read the rest of this entry »

New Test for Rules

In addition to the test on the flags, we are working on a simple test on the Electrathon Rules.  If the test is ready before the spring event, each driver will be required to take the test.

Engineering Award

The CCSU Technology Education Department and the Engineering Department will be offering an award for the BEST ENGINEERED Vehicle.  This award will be presented at the SPRING event and is open to NEW VEHICLES from any state as long as they meet the judging criteria.  CCSU will send two judges from their Engineering Department to determine the winner.  REMEMBER, 50 copies of the fact sheet is a requirement.

End of Competition Inspection

We want to clarify procedures at the end of each heat.  AT THE END OF EACH HEAT, EACH DRIVER IS TO PULL INTO THE PIT AREA AND REMAIN IN THE VEHICLE UNTIL THE VEHICLE IS INSPECTED AND DRIVER WEIGHED.  At the completion of the inspection, the vehicle can be returned to the team area.  THE ADVISER WILL BE THE ONLY PERSON TO ASSIST THE DRIVER.

I understand the excitement at the end of each heat, but please respect this request so that the CCSU inspection team can complete its task and ensure that all participants are treated equally.  Failure to comply could result in penalty.

Work Areas

Should a participating vehicle experience a mechanical failure, there we will be two designated areas for repairs.  One will be the paved area used for driver exchange and the other will be a clearly marked area on the opposite side of the track.  The team pit crew should be comprised of a maximum of three members making the repairs.  ANY VEHICLE THAT IS RETURNED TO THE TEAM AREA FOR REPAIRS WILL BE ASSESSED A PENALTY OR DISQUALIFIED.  If we are given two tracks, additional pit areas will be marked.

Time Schedule

In the registration packet you will find a time schedule based on three heats.  However the schedule could possibly go to four heats to accommodate all participants.  When planning for your transportation, BE PREPARED TO ADD AN ADDITIONAL HOUR TO THE SCHEDULE.

I am working with Lime Rock to include the lower track to make the course ½ mile and thus accommodate additional cars in each heat.  This should keep the schedule as presented in the registration packet. 

Lime Rock is making every effort to make available the two tracks, but we must remember that they have to please their paying clients first.  When I am given additional information, I will keep everyone informed in a timely manner.

Special Announcement

At our annual meeting, the advisers of CT Electrathon Challenge elected to expand the program by adding a solar class and to open the program to college students. We hope to expose more students to the potential of solar energy as an alternative energy source and develop a higher learning curve with the addition of college programs.

Beginning with the spring event, solar vehicles will have the opportunity to showcase their unique designs.  The solar vehicles will have to conform to Electrathon America rules and use solar panels that are resistant to impact or be protected in some manner.  Photos will have to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event so that any safety issues can be addressed early.

There are several schools that are in the process of developing solar vehicles and we welcome their efforts and look forward to their participation.

Electrathon Nation Speed Trials

Electric racers break 50 mph with one horsepower!
October 31, 2006

Five streamlined electric race cars set new levels of “Extreme Efficiency” during the Electrathon National Speed Trials on October 30/31, 2006 at New Hampshire
International Speedway. Each car broke the existing record by covering more than 50 miles in one hour using less than a kilowatt/hour of electricity…. the power of a small hair dryer. Measured in automotive terms, they reached the equivalent of 1500 MPG while travelling at highway speeds. Read the rest of this entry »


The annual Electrathon Advisors meeting was held on February 9th, at 7 o’clock in Copernicus Hall, Central Connecticut State University. Many ideas were discussed and improvements to the program were made. please contact us for an agenda and/or minutes from the conference.

Spring CT Electrathon Challenge

The spring CT Electrathon Challenge, held at Lime Rock Park on June 3rd turned out to be a great day. This competition was one of our largest yet, with roughly 16 schools bringing a total of 25 vehicles. The weather could not have been better, with sunshine and warm weather all day. Nathan Hale-Ray recieved 1st place in the composite division, Terryvile High School took home 1st in the Classic, and Lake Region HS was awarded 1st in the Novice Class. The results have been posted on the Results page. For a complete list of results please click here. If you would like more information, including information about the upcoming fall event, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Page.