LAKEVILLE — Drivers starting their engines at Lime Rock Park but the was no revving.

Green technology took to the track for the 15th annual Connecticut Electrathon — an all-electric car race where student teams build and drive their well-appointed, three-wheeled wonders.

Mike Grella, the northeast coordinator for the Electrathon, said, “The students build and construct a vehicle and we see how many laps they can go. It’s just phenomenal.”

The cars — which are single-driver, low-to-the-ground metal or carbon fiber pods — carry 67-pound battery packs and a lot of imagination.

“We’ve worked on our car since last October,” said Adam Patsun, a Somers High School senior. “We built the entire car from scratch.”

Sebastian Guptill, a senior at Noble High in North Berwick, Maine said, “We go through the design process, cut everything ourselves, and weld it all.”

This season, tents were perched all around the autocross course. The race drew 48 teams from all over the region.