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New Test for Rules

In addition to the test on the flags, we are working on a simple test on the Electrathon Rules.  If the test is ready before the spring event, each driver will be required to take the test.

Engineering Award

The CCSU Technology Education Department and the Engineering Department will be offering an award for the BEST ENGINEERED Vehicle.  This award will be presented at the SPRING event and is open to NEW VEHICLES from any state as long as they meet the judging criteria.  CCSU will send two judges from their Engineering Department to determine the winner.  REMEMBER, 50 copies of the fact sheet is a requirement.

End of Competition Inspection

We want to clarify procedures at the end of each heat.  AT THE END OF EACH HEAT, EACH DRIVER IS TO PULL INTO THE PIT AREA AND REMAIN IN THE VEHICLE UNTIL THE VEHICLE IS INSPECTED AND DRIVER WEIGHED.  At the completion of the inspection, the vehicle can be returned to the team area.  THE ADVISER WILL BE THE ONLY PERSON TO ASSIST THE DRIVER.

I understand the excitement at the end of each heat, but please respect this request so that the CCSU inspection team can complete its task and ensure that all participants are treated equally.  Failure to comply could result in penalty.

Work Areas

Should a participating vehicle experience a mechanical failure, there we will be two designated areas for repairs.  One will be the paved area used for driver exchange and the other will be a clearly marked area on the opposite side of the track.  The team pit crew should be comprised of a maximum of three members making the repairs.  ANY VEHICLE THAT IS RETURNED TO THE TEAM AREA FOR REPAIRS WILL BE ASSESSED A PENALTY OR DISQUALIFIED.  If we are given two tracks, additional pit areas will be marked.

Time Schedule

In the registration packet you will find a time schedule based on three heats.  However the schedule could possibly go to four heats to accommodate all participants.  When planning for your transportation, BE PREPARED TO ADD AN ADDITIONAL HOUR TO THE SCHEDULE.

I am working with Lime Rock to include the lower track to make the course ½ mile and thus accommodate additional cars in each heat.  This should keep the schedule as presented in the registration packet. 

Lime Rock is making every effort to make available the two tracks, but we must remember that they have to please their paying clients first.  When I am given additional information, I will keep everyone informed in a timely manner.

Special Announcement

At our annual meeting, the advisers of CT Electrathon Challenge elected to expand the program by adding a solar class and to open the program to college students. We hope to expose more students to the potential of solar energy as an alternative energy source and develop a higher learning curve with the addition of college programs.

Beginning with the spring event, solar vehicles will have the opportunity to showcase their unique designs.  The solar vehicles will have to conform to Electrathon America rules and use solar panels that are resistant to impact or be protected in some manner.  Photos will have to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event so that any safety issues can be addressed early.

There are several schools that are in the process of developing solar vehicles and we welcome their efforts and look forward to their participation.